cg_diff — compares two Cachegrind output files


cg_diff [options] cachegrind-out-file1 cachegrind-out-file2


cg_diff takes two output files produced by the Valgrind tool Cachegrind, computes the difference and prints the result in the same format that Cachegrinds outputs.


-h --help

Show the help message.


Show the version number.

--mod-filename=<expr> [default: none]

Specifies a Perl search-and-replace expression that is applied to all filenames. Useful for removing minor differences in paths between two different versions of a program that are sitting in different directories.

--mod-funcname=<expr> [default: none]

Like --mod-filename, but for filenames. Useful for removing minor differences in randomized names of auto-generated functions generated by some compilers.

See Also

cg_annotate(1), valgrind(1), $INSTALL/share/doc/valgrind/html/index.html or


Nicholas Nethercote.


04/13/2019 Release 3.15.0