cmtime — RDMA CM connection steps timing test.


cmtime [-s server_address] [-b bind_address]
			[-c connections] [-p port_number]
			[-r retries] [-t timeout_ms]


Determines min and max times for various "steps" in RDMA CM connection setup and teardown between a client and server application.

"Steps" that are timed are: create id, bind address, resolve address, resolve route, create qp, connect, disconnect, and destroy.


-s server_address

The network name or IP address of the server system listening for connections.  The used name or address must route over an RDMA device. This option must be specified by the client.

-b bind_address

The local network address to bind to.

-c connections

The number of connections to establish between the client and server.  (default 100)

-p port_number

The server's port number.

-r retries

Number of retries when resolving address or route.  (default 2)

-t timeout_ms

Timeout in millseconds (ms) when resolving address or route.  (default 2000 - 2 seconds)


Basic usage is to start cmtime on a server system, then run cmtime -s server_name on a client system.

Because this test maps RDMA resources to userspace, users must ensure that they have available system resources and permissions.  See the libibverbs README file for additional details.

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