dpkg-vendor — queries information about distribution vendors


dpkg-vendor [option...] command


dpkg-vendor is a tool to query information about vendors listed in /etc/dpkg/origins. /etc/dpkg/origins/default contains information about the current vendor.


--is vendor

Exits with 0 if the current vendor is vendor. Otherwise exits with 1.

--derives-from vendor

Exits with 0 if the current vendor distribution is a derivative of vendor, otherwise exits with 1. It uses the Parent field to browse all ancestors of the current vendor.

--query field

Print on standard output the value of the vendor-specific field for the current vendor.


Show the usage message and exit.


Show the version and exit.


--vendor vendor

Assumes the current vendor is vendor instead of discovering it with the DEB_VENDOR environment variable or /etc/dpkg/origins/default.



This setting defines the current vendor. If not set, it will discover the current vendor by reading /etc/dpkg/origins/default.


Sets the color mode (since dpkg 1.18.5). The currently accepted values are: auto (default), always and never.


If set, it will be used to decide whether to activate Native Language Support, also known as internationalization (or i18n) support (since dpkg 1.19.0). The accepted values are: 0 and 1 (default).

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Referenced By

deb-origin(5), deb-src-rules(5).

2019-06-03 1.19.7 dpkg suite