gcov-tool — offline gcda profile processing tool


gcov-tool [-v|--version] [-h|--help]

gcov-tool merge [merge-options] directory1 directory2
    [-o|--output directory]
    [-w|--weight w1,w2]

gcov-tool rewrite [rewrite-options] directory
    [-n|--normalize long_long_value]
    [-o|--output directory]
    [-s|--scale float_or_simple-frac_value]

gcov-tool overlap [overlap-options] directory1 directory2
    [-t|--hot_threshold] float


gcov-tool is an offline tool to process gcc's gcda profile files.

Current gcov-tool supports the following functionalities:

Examples of the use cases for this tool are:

Note that for the merging operation, this profile generated offline may contain slight different values from the online merged profile. Here are a list of typical differences:



Display help about using gcov-tool (on the standard output), and exit without doing any further processing.


Display the gcov-tool version number (on the standard output), and exit without doing any further processing.


Merge two profile directories.

-o directory
--output directory

Set the output profile directory. Default output directory name is merged_profile.


Set the verbose mode.

-w w1,w2
--weight w1,w2

Set the merge weights of the directory1 and directory2, respectively. The default weights are 1 for both.


Read the specified profile directory and rewrite to a new directory.

-n long_long_value
--normalize <long_long_value>

Normalize the profile. The specified value is the max counter value in the new profile.

-o directory
--output directory

Set the output profile directory. Default output name is rewrite_profile.

-s float_or_simple-frac_value
--scale float_or_simple-frac_value

Scale the profile counters. The specified value can be in floating point value, or simple fraction value form, such 1, 2, 2/3, and 5/3.


Set the verbose mode.


Compute the overlap score between the two specified profile directories. The overlap score is computed based on the arc profiles. It is defined as the sum of min (p1_counter[i] / p1_sum_all, p2_counter[i] / p2_sum_all), for all arc counter i, where p1_counter[i] and p2_counter[i] are two matched counters and p1_sum_all and p2_sum_all are the sum of counter values in profile 1 and profile 2, respectively.


Print function level overlap score.


Print full gcda filename.


Only print info for hot objects/functions.


Print object level overlap score.

-t float
--hot_threshold <float>

Set the threshold for hot counter value.


Set the verbose mode.

See Also

gpl(7), gfdl(7), fsf-funding(7), gcc(1), gcov(1) and the Info entry for gcc.

Referenced By

The man pages aarch64-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), alpha-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), arc-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), arm-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), arm-none-eabi-gcov-tool(1), avr32-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), avr-gcov-tool(1), bfin-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), c6x-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), cris-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), frv-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), gcov-tool(1), h8300-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), hppa64-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), hppa-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), i686-w64-mingw32-gcov-tool(1), ia64-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), m32r-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), m68k-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), microblaze-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), mips64-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), mn10300-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), nios2-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), powerpc64le-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), powerpc64-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), riscv64-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), s390x-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), sh-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), sparc64-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), tile-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1), x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcov-tool(1) and xtensa-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1) are aliases of x86_64-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1).

2019-08-27 gcc-9 GNU