perf-data — Data file related processing


perf data [<common options>] <command> [<options>]",


Data file related processing.



Converts perf data file into another format (only CTF [1] format is support by now). It’s possible to set data-convert debug variable to get debug messages from conversion, like: perf --debug data-convert data convert ...

Options for Convert


Triggers the CTF conversion, specify the path of CTF data directory.


Specify input perf data file path.

-f, --force

Don’t complain, do it.

-v, --verbose

Be more verbose (show counter open errors, etc).


Convert all events, including non-sample events (comm, fork, ...), to output. Default is off, only convert samples.

See Also

perf(1) [1] Common Trace Format -


10/28/2019 perf Manual