perf-lock — Analyze lock events


perf lock {record|report|script|info}


You can analyze various lock behaviours and statistics with this perf lock command.

'perf lock record <command>' records lock events
between start and end <command>. And this command
produces the file "" which contains tracing
results of lock events.
'perf lock report' reports statistical data.
'perf lock script' shows raw lock events.
'perf lock info' shows metadata like threads or addresses
of lock instances.

Common Options

-i, --input=<file>

Input file name. (default: unless stdin is a fifo)

-v, --verbose

Be more verbose (show symbol address, etc).

-D, --dump-raw-trace

Dump raw trace in ASCII.

-f, --force

Don’t complan, do it.

Report Options

-k, --key=<value>

Sorting key. Possible values: acquired (default), contended, avg_wait, wait_total, wait_max, wait_min.

Info Options

-t, --threads

dump thread list in

-m, --map

dump map of lock instances (address:name table)

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10/28/2019 perf Manual