pmsocks — shell wrapper for performance monitoring across firewalls


pmsocks path [args ...]


pmsocks allows Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) clients running on hosts located on the internal side of a TCP/IP firewall to monitor remote hosts on the other side of the firewall. This assumes the firewall has been configured with a compliant sockd daemon and the necessary access controls are satisfied.

pmsocks is a thin shell wrapper around the tsocks(8) library using the tsocks(1) utility, which are not included with PCP. You can obtain tsocks from



configuration file for the tsocks(8) library.

See Also

pmcd(1), pmproxy(1), PMAPI(3), and tsocks(8).

Referenced By

pmie_check(1), pmlogger_check(1), pmnewlog(1).

PCP Performance Co-Pilot