repomanage — redirecting to DNF repomanage Plugin

Manage a directory of rpm packages.


dnf repomanage [<optional-options>] [<options>] <path>


repomanage prints newest or oldest packages in specified directory for easy piping to xargs or similar programs.


All general DNF options are accepted, see Options in dnf(8) for details.

The following options set what packages are displayed. These options are mutually exclusive, i.e. only one can be specified. If no option is specified, the newest packages are shown.


Show older packages.


Show newest packages.

The following options control how packages are displayed in the output:

-s, --space

Print resulting set separated by space instead of newline.

-k <keep-number>, --keep <keep-number>

Limit the resulting set to newest <keep-number> packages.


Display newest packages in current directory:

dnf repomanage --new .

Display 2 newest packages in requires "home" directory:

dnf repomanage --new --keep 2 ~/

Display older package separated by space in current directory:

dnf repomanage --old --space .


See AUTHORS in your Core DNF Plugins distribution

Referenced By

dnf-utils(1), yum-utils(1).

Nov 06, 2019 4.0.11 dnf-plugins-core