yum-builddep — redirecting to DNF builddep Plugin

Install whatever is needed to build the given .src.rpm, .nosrc.rpm or .spec file.


Build dependencies in a package (i.e. src.rpm) might be different than you would expect because they were evaluated according macros set on the package build host.


dnf builddep <package>...



Either path to .src.rpm, .nosrc.rpm or .spec file or package available in a repository.


All general DNF options are accepted, see Options in dnf(8) for details.


Show this help.

-D <macro expr>, --define <macro expr>

Define the RPM macro named macro to the value expr when parsing spec files.


Treat arguments as .spec files.


Treat arguments as source rpm files.


dnf builddep foobar.spec

Install the needed build requirements, defined in the foobar.spec file.

dnf builddep --spec foobar.spec.in

Install the needed build requirements, defined in the spec file when filename ends with something different than .spec.

dnf builddep foobar-1.0-1.src.rpm

Install the needed build requirements, defined in the foobar-1.0-1.src.rpm file.

dnf builddep foobar-1.0-1

Look up foobar-1.0-1 in enabled repositories and install build requirements for its source rpm.

dnf builddep -D 'scl python27' python-foobar.spec

Install the needed build requirements for the python27 SCL version of python-foobar.


See AUTHORS in your Core DNF Plugins distribution

Referenced By

dnf-utils(1), yum-utils(1).

Nov 06, 2019 4.0.11 dnf-plugins-core