auparse_get_node — get the event's machine node name


#include <auparse.h>

const char *auparse_get_node(auparse_state_t *au);


auparse_get_node gets the machine's node name if it exists in the audit event from the current event's timestamp data structure. Not all records have node names since its an admin configurable option.

Return Value

Returns a copy of the node name or NULL if it does not exist or there was an error. The caller must free the string.

See Also

auparse_get_timestamp(3), auparse_get_time(3), auparse_get_milli(3). auparse_get_serial(3).


Steve Grubb

Referenced By

auparse_get_milli(3), auparse_get_serial(3), auparse_get_time(3), auparse_get_timestamp(3).

Sept 2007 Red Hat Linux Audit API