capng_apply — apply the stored capabilities settings


#include <cap-ng.h>

int capng_apply(capng_select_t set);


capng_apply will transfer the specified internal posix capabilities settings to the kernel. The options are CAPNG_SELECT_CAPS for the traditional capabilities, CAPNG_SELECT_BOUNDS for the bounding set, or CAPNG_SELECT_BOTH if transferring both is desired.

Return Value

This returns 0 on success and -1 on failure.


If you are doing multi-threaded programming, calling this function will only set capabilities on the calling thread. All other threads are unaffected. If you want to set overall capabilities for a multi-threaded process, you will need to do that before creating any threads. See the capset syscall for more information on this topic.

See Also

capset(2), capng_update(3), capabilities(7)


Steve Grubb

Referenced By

capng_change_id(3), capng_lock(3).

June 2009 Red Hat Libcap-ng API