gnutls_global_set_mutex — API function


#include <gnutls/gnutls.h>

void gnutls_global_set_mutex(mutex_init_func init, mutex_deinit_func deinit, mutex_lock_func lock, mutex_unlock_func unlock);


mutex_init_func init

mutex initialization function

mutex_deinit_func deinit

mutex deinitialization function

mutex_lock_func lock

mutex locking function

mutex_unlock_func unlock

mutex unlocking function


With this function you are allowed to override the default mutex locks used in some parts of gnutls and dependent libraries. This function should be used if you have complete control of your program and libraries. Do not call this function from a library, or preferably from any application unless really needed to. GnuTLS will use the appropriate locks for the running system.

Note that since the move to implicit initialization of GnuTLS on library load, calling this function will deinitialize the library, and re-initialize it after the new locking functions are set.

This function must be called prior to any other gnutls function.



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