gnutls_heartbeat_enable — API function


#include <gnutls/gnutls.h>

void gnutls_heartbeat_enable(gnutls_session_t session, unsigned int type);


gnutls_session_t session

is a gnutls_session_t type.

unsigned int type

one of the GNUTLS_HB_* flags


If this function is called with the GNUTLS_HB_PEER_ALLOWED_TO_SEND
type , GnuTLS will allow heartbeat messages to be received. Moreover it also request the peer to accept heartbeat messages. This function must be called prior to TLS handshake.

If the  type used is GNUTLS_HB_LOCAL_ALLOWED_TO_SEND, then the peer will be asked to accept heartbeat messages but not send ones.

The function gnutls_heartbeat_allowed() can be used to test Whether locally generated heartbeat messages can be accepted by the peer.



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