ibv_alloc_parent_domain(), ibv_dealloc_pd() — allocate and deallocate the parent domain object


#include <infiniband/verbs.h>

struct ibv_pd *ibv_alloc_parent_domain(struct ibv_context *context", struct ibv_parent_domain_init_attr *attr);


ibv_alloc_parent_domain() allocates a parent domain object for the RDMA device context context.

The parent domain object extends the normal protection domain with additional objects, such as a thread domain.

A parent domain is completely interchangeable with the struct ibv_pd used to create it, and can be used as an input argument to any function accepting a struct ibv_pd.

The behavior of each verb may be different if the verb is passed a parent domain struct ibv_pd that contains a struct ibv_td pointer. For instance the verb my choose to share resources between objects using the same thread domain. The exact behavior is provider dependent.

The attr argument specifies the following:

struct ibv_parent_domain_init_attr {
struct ibv_pd *pd; /* referance to a protection domain, can't be NULL */
struct ibv_td *td; /* referance to a thread domain, or NULL */
uint32_t comp_mask;

ibv_dealloc_pd() will deallocate the parent domain as its exposed as an ibv_pd pd. All resources created with the parent domain should be destroyed prior to deallocating the parent domain.

Return Value

ibv_alloc_parent_domain() returns a pointer to the allocated struct ibv_pd object, or NULL if the request fails (and sets errno to indicate the failure reason).

See Also

ibv_alloc_parent_domain(3), ibv_dealloc_pd(3), ibv_alloc_pd(3), ibv_alloc_td(3)


Alex Rosenbaum <alexr@mellanox.com>

Yishai Hadas <yishaih@mellanox.com>

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