libpfm_intel_hswep_unc_r2pcie — support for Intel Haswell-EP R2 PCIe  uncore PMU


#include <perfmon/pfmlib.h>

PMU name: hswep_unc_r2pcie
PMU desc: Intel Haswell-EP R2 PCIe uncore PMU


The library supports the Intel Haswell R2 PCIe uncore PMU. This PMU model only exists on Haswell model 63.


The following modifiers are supported on Intel Haswell R2PCIe uncore PMU:


Enable edge detection, i.e., count only when there is a state transition from no occurrence of the event to at least one occurrence. This modifier must be combined with a threshold modifier (t) with a value greater or equal to one.  This is a boolean modifier.


Set the threshold value. When set to a non-zero value, the counter counts the number of R2PCIe cycles in which the number of occurrences of the event is greater or equal to the threshold.  This is an integer modifier with values in the range [0:15].


Invert the meaning of the threshold or edge filter. If set, the event counts when strictly less than N occurrences occur per cycle if threshold is set to N. When invert is set, then threshold must be set to non-zero value. If set, the event counts when the event transitions from occurring to not occurring (falling edge) when edge detection is set. This is a boolean modifier


Stephane Eranian <>


May, 2015 Linux Programmer's Manual