selinux_restorecon_default_handle — sets default parameters for selinux_restorecon(3)


#include <selinux/restorecon.h>
#include <selinux/label.h>

struct selabel_handle *selinux_restorecon_default_handle(void);


selinux_restorecon_default_handle() sets default parameters for selinux_restorecon(3) by calling selabel_open(3) with the SELABEL_OPT_DIGEST option only. This will enable a digest to be calculated on the currently loaded policy file_contexts(5) set of files as described in the NOTES section of selinux_restorecon(3).

Calling selinux_restorecon_default_handle() is optional, however if used then selinux_restorecon_set_sehandle(3) should be called with the returned handle to set this for use by selinux_restorecon(3).

selinux_restorecon_default_handle() is optional as selinux_restorecon(3) will automatically call this and selinux_restorecon_set_sehandle(3) provided a handle has not already been set, for example by selinux_restorecon_set_sehandle(3) to set customised selabel_open(3) parameters.

Return Value

A non-NULL handle value is returned on success. On error, NULL is returned and errno is set appropriately.

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Referenced By

selinux_restorecon(3), selinux_restorecon_set_alt_rootpath(3), selinux_restorecon_set_exclude_list(3), selinux_restorecon_set_sehandle(3), selinux_restorecon_xattr(3).

20 Oct 2015 Security Enhanced Linux SELinux API documentation