toascii — convert character to ASCII


#include <ctype.h>

int toascii(int c);

Feature Test Macro Requirements for glibc (see feature_test_macros(7)):

toascii(): _XOPEN_SOURCE
   || /* Glibc since 2.19: */ _DEFAULT_SOURCE
   || /* Glibc versions <= 2.19: */ _SVID_SOURCE || _BSD_SOURCE


toascii() converts c to a 7-bit unsigned char value that fits into the ASCII character set, by clearing the high-order bits.

Return Value

The value returned is that of the converted character.


For an explanation of the terms used in this section, see attributes(7).

Interface Attribute Value
toascii() Thread safety MT-Safe

Conforming to

SVr4, BSD, POSIX.1-2001. POSIX.1-2008 marks toascii() as obsolete, noting that it cannot be used portably in a localized application.


Many people will be unhappy if you use this function. This function will convert accented letters into random characters.

See Also

isascii(3), tolower(3), toupper(3)


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