deb-postinst — package post-installation maintainer script




A package can perform several post-installation actions via maintainer scripts, by including an executable postinst file in its control archive (i.e. DEBIAN/postinst during package creation).

The script can be called in the following ways:

postinst configure old-version

After the package was installed.

postinst triggered trigger-name...

After the package was triggered.

old-postinst abort-upgrade new-version

If prerm fails during upgrade or fails on failed upgrade.

old-postinst abort-remove

If prerm fails during removal.

postinst abort-deconfigure in-favour new-package new-version
      [ removing old-package old-version ]

If prerm fails during deconfiguration of a package.

postinst abort-remove in-favour new-package new-version

If prerm fails during replacement due to conflict.

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