instead — Simple Text Adventure Engine, The Interpreter


The interpreter of STEAD (Simple Text Adventures) allows one to play games that combine visual novels, text adventures and classic quests of 1990-s. The STEAD games features are:

 * very simple source code of the stories. (based on LUA);

 * the ability to use graphical or textual (readline) game interface;

 * graphic interface supports music and images;

 * graphic interpreter theme support - a game may change the interface look;

 * portability (originally written for Linux, depends on SDL and lua).



sdl-instead [options] [ to run]


Debug mode (for game developers).
Force ALSA sound (Linux only).
Run the game without sound.
-gamespath <path>
Add path with games.
-themespath <path>
Add path with themes.
Do not use default games.
Do not use default themes.
-game <basename>
Select game in gamespath.
-theme <basename>
Select theme in themespath.
Force game to use own theme.
Run the game in fullscreen mode.
Run the game in windowed mode.
Disable autosave/autoload.
-encode <lua file> [encoded file]
Encode lua file. Encoded file can be executed with doencfile("encoded file").
-idf <path to resources directory or game>
Build idf file [INSTEAD data file] from directory.
-mode [WxH]
Use WxH resolution.
Force software rendering
Do not pause the game on window minimize.
-hinting 0|1|2|3
Set the font hinting mode.
-install [game in zip]
Install game from zip archive
Quit :)
-appdata [fullpath]
Store saves and settings in appdata path. Path must exist!
-chunksize [size in bytes]
Size for audio buffer. Try this if sound lags.
Show version and exit.

Configuration file name is 'insteadrc' and it's located in ~/.instead/.

Games can be downloaded from Unzip them in ~/.instead/games.


Please, see tutorial.


This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms specified in the GNU Public Licence (GPL).