kajonggserver — KDE Mah Jongg server


kajonggserver [options]


Kajongg server is part of kajongg and allows you to play Mah Jongg games over the network.


-h, --help
Show this help message and exit.
The server will listen on PORT (8409).
The server will listen on SOCKET.
Name of the database.
Start a local game server.
Do not terminate local game server after last client disconnects.
Set debug options. Pass a comma separated list of options. Options are: random, chat, sql, explain, deferredBlock, animationSpeed, scores, mahJongg, modelTest, traffic, robbingKong, dangerousGame, sound, robotAI, handCache, originalCall, animation, focusable. Options animation, focusable take a string argument like animation=s3s4.