kannasaverkss — Japanese character screensaver


kannasaver.kss [Qt-options] [KDE-options] [options]


Kannasaver is a screensaver that displays random characters from the Japanese syllabary, ideally causing them to stick in your memory after you've viewed them a number of times.


--setup Setup screen saver
--window-id wid
Run in the specified XWindow
Run in the root XWindow
Start screen saver in demo mode [default]
Show summary of options.
Show QT-related options.
Show KDE-related options.
Show all commandline options.
Display information on kannasaver's author.
Output a full copy of kannasaver's software license
-v, --version
Print version number and exit.


kannasaver.kss was written by Mathias Homann <Mathias.Homann@eregion.de>. This manual page was written by Ryan Schultz <schultz.ryan@gmail.com>.