lierolibre — script to launch lierolibre


[inputfile [inputdir [outputfile]]]

[ -f|--file inputfile ] [ -d|--dir inputdir ] [ -w|--write outputfile ] [ -v|--sdlvideo videodriver ] [ -h|--help ]


lierolibre is an old-school earthworm action game. It is a direct fork of Liero.

  • 2 worms, 40 weapons, great playability, two game modes: Kill'em All and Game of Tag, plus AI-players without true intelligence!
  • Extensions via a hidden F1 menu:
  • Replays, game controller support, powerlevel palettes
  • Fullscreen, x2, x3 and x4 scaling via the F5, F6, F7 and F8 keys
  • lierolibre is a script which executes the lierolibre binary from the /usr/lib/games/lierolibre directory. The script defaults to using the directory /usr/share/games/lierolibre as the inputfile parameter.

    If inputfile points to a directory (which is the default case), lierolibre copies the file liero.cfg from this directory to $HOME/.lierolibre/ unless it already exists in this location. liero.cfg is a plain text file which can be modified, go wild! But don't be surprised if the game crahes ;)


    [-f|--file] inputfile
    Reads game variables from the given file or directory.

    If inputfile
    points to a directory or a file with an unknown extension, and inputdir is not set,
    if inputfile points to a directory and inputdir is set,
    the game will try to load the liero.cfg file from $HOME/.lierolibre/ first, otherwise it loads it from the directory of inputfile.

    [-d|--dir] inputdir
    from the given directory. If not set, the game uses the directory of inputfile instead.

    [-w|--write] outputfile
    Writes all game variables to a plain text file.

    -v|--sdlvideo videodriver
    Sets the SDL_VIDEODRIVER environment variable.

    Print a brief help overview.


    lierolibre mymod/LIERO.EXE

    Reads game variables from a (potentially) modded EXE file, and reads game data from files in mymod/.

    lierolibre -f mymod/LIERO.EXE -d /usr/share/games/lierolibre -w mymod_liero.cfg

    Reads game variables from a (potentially) modded EXE file and writes them to a plain text config file (and starts the game).

    lierolibre mymod_liero.cfg mydata

    Reads game variables from a custom plain text config file, and reads the game data from another directory.


    This manual page was written by Martin Erik Werner <>


    Joosa Reikkinen "Mets„nEl„imet"
    created the original Liero game and graphics.

    Erik Lindroos "Gliptic", with help from Mario Carbajal "basro"
    re-created Liero as OpenLiero, which later became the official version of Liero.

    Martin Erik Werner "arand"
    created lierolibre as a direct fork from Liero (OpenLiero).

    created the replacement sounds used in lierolibre.