lordsawar-editor — Make your own scenarios for lordsawar


lordsawar-editor [OPTION...] [FILE]


The LordsAWar! scenario editor lets you change nearly every facet of a scenario. Lay down forest, rivers, lakes, mountains and more! Place cities strategically and name them whatever you want. Create roads to connect the cities. Go further and design your own square terrain tiles. Design your own graphics for armies, shields and castles.
-h, --help
Give this help list.

FILEs can be a saved game file (.sav), or a map (.map) file.


The configuration file.
Saved game directory.
Saved scenario maps directory.
Saved armyset directory.
Saved tileset directory.
Saved shieldset directory.
Saved cityset directory.

Reporting bugs

Report bugs to <lordsawar-discuss@nongnu.org>.