luxman — A maze game for Linux


luxman [ -r rate ] [ -f file ] [ -8hn ]


luxman is a maze game for Linux, similar to the `Pac Man' arcade game. It uses SVGAlib, so it runs in a console (as opposed to running under X).

Some features:

* Customizable
You can change the playing order, create new levels, edit the bitmaps, change colors, change sounds, etc., without recompiling the source. See the file HOWTO.Modify for details.
* Multiple skill levels
Four to be exact, ranging from pitifully easy to nearly impossible (well, as far as *I* can tell :).
* VT Switching
You can switch to/from the game at any time.
* Digitized sound
Just listen, you'll hear what I mean.


-f name, --file name
Set scenarios filename to name. The default name is scenarios. This file may be located either in the current directory or in /usr/lib/games/luxman.
-r rate, --fps rate
Set frame rate to rate.
-8, --8k
Use 8kHz sound playback. The default is 11kHz. This option is considered OBSOLETE. If you really need this feature, or find it useful, please e-mail and tell me.
-n, --nosnd
Do not use sound. This is on by default if you do not have a soundcard.
-h, --help
Show a summary of command line options.


/usr/lib/games/luxman/scenarios /usr/lib/games/luxman/modern/levels.def /usr/lib/games/luxman/oldscen/old.def


Please report any bugs to


Copyright (c) 1995 Frank McIngvale (

This manpage may be freely distributed in any form.