openmw — Reimplementation of the Morrowind Engine


print help message
print version information and quit
--data arg (=data)
set data directories (later directories have higher priority)
--data-local arg
set local data directory (highest priority)
--fallback-archive arg (=fallback-archive)
set fallback BSA archives (later archives have higher priority)
--resources arg (=resources)
set resources directory
--start arg (=Beshara)
set initial cell
--content arg
content file(s): esm/esp, or omwgame/omwaddon
--anim-verbose [=arg(=1)] (=0)
output animation indices files
--nosound [=arg(=1)] (=0)
disable all sounds
--script-verbose [=arg(=1)] (=0)
verbose script output
--script-all [=arg(=1)] (=0)
compile all scripts (excluding dialogue scripts) at startup
--script-console [=arg(=1)] (=0)
enable console-only script functionality
--script-run arg
select a file containing a list of console commands that is executed on startup
--new-game [=arg(=1)] (=0)
activate char gen/new game mechanics
--fs-strict [=arg(=1)] (=0)
strict file system handling (no case folding)
--encoding arg (=win1252)
Character encoding used in OpenMW game messages:
win1250 - Central and Eastern European such as Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovene, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian (Latin script), Romanian and Albanian languages
win1251 - Cyrillic alphabet such as Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian Cyrillic and other languages
win1252 - Western European (Latin) alphabet, used by default
--fallback arg
fallback values
--activate-dist arg (=-1)
activation distance override

Reporting bugs

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