pybik — Rubik's cube game

Synopsis [,options/]


Pybik is a 3D puzzle game about the cube invented by Erno Rubik. * Different 3D puzzles - up to 10x10x10:
cubes, towers, bricks, tetrahedra and prisms

* Solvers for some puzzles * Pretty patterns * Editor for move sequences * Changeable colors and images

Pybik can be fully controlled and configured via the graphical user interface. The options listed here are intended primarily for testing and debugging.


-h, --help
Show help message and exit
Show version number and exit
Specify the configuration filename
Print default settings to stdout and exit
Specify the filename for saved games
Write logfile
List tests
Run all tests
Run test T, can be used multiple times, use T=n where n is a number to run test T multiple times
T is a comma-separated list of test arguments: write-y write-yes write-n write-no write-e write-error log-widgets notime
D is a comma-separated list of debug flags: alg draw fps func indexonly invisible keys liveplugins liveshader log logdebug loggl mousepos msg nobevel nofshader nolabel noshader novshader pick purepython rand rotate shader vfps

Qt-Options, for a full list refer to the Qt-Reference, but not all options make sense for this application:

-qwindowgeometry G, -geometry G
Specifies window geometry for the main window using the X11-syntax. For example: 100x100+50+50
Sets the application layout direction to left-to-right
Prints debug message at the end about number of widgets left undestroyed and maximum number of widgets existed at the same time