raincat — 2D puzzle game featuring a fuzzy little cat


Raincat is a 2D puzzle game similar to the Incredible Machine and Lemmings series. Your goal is simple: guide the cat safe and dry to the end of each level. Just mind the rain, puddles, and loose fire hydrants in your path!

Project Raincat is a game developed by Carnegie Mellon students through GCS during the Fall 2008 semester. Raincat features game play inspired from classics Lemmings and The Incredible Machine. Everything is programmed in Haskell.

Finally, we'd like to mention that Project Raincat placed first in GCS Gold during the following spring semester release party. Now, would you care to play?


It's always raining in Pittsburgh, which makes for gray days while cats are just adorable—perfect for brightening up such days.

Raincat in Bubble Your goal is simple: guide the fuzzy cat safe and dry to the end of each level. There are multiple ways to clear any given level; such flexible solutions hope to provide a more enjoyable game play experience.


Garrick Chin
Project Leader, Programmer, Level Designer
Susan Lin
SooHyun Jang
Anthony Maurice
William Wang
Andrew Zheng
Rachel Berkowitz
Spencer Ying
Artist, Level Designer         
Tal Stramer
Level Editor Programmer