residualvm — interpreter for several 3D games


residualvm [options ] [game ]


residualvm is a game engine reimplementation that allows you to play 3D adventure games such as Grim Fandango.

Force windowed mode.
-c config
Use config as alternate configuration file.
-d level
Set debug verbosity to level
Force full-screen mode.
Display a brief help text and exit.
-m vol
Set the music volume to vol range 0-127 (default: 127).
-p path
Path to where the game is installed.
-r vol
Set the speech volume to vol range 0-127 (default: 127).
-s vol
Set the sfx volume to vol range 0-127 (default: 127).
Display list of configured targets and exit.
Display ResidualVM version information and exit.
-x slot
Save game slot number to load (default: autosave).
Display list of supported games and exit.
--output-rate= rate
Set output sample rate in Hz to rate (e.g. 22050).
--savepath= path
Look for savegames in path

Ingame keys

Quit (Mac OS X)
Quit (Most platforms)


Configuration file on UNIX.
$HOME/Library/Preferences/ResidualVM Preferences
Configuration file on Mac OS X.


Running the builtin game launcher:

$ residualvm


See AUTHORS file for more information.