shogivar — Program to play shogi variants




shogivar is a stand-alone program that allows you to play many different shogi variants against yourself (using it as an electronic shogi board), or against a computer opponent. It isn't a very strong opponent; you can choose between the levels Weak and LessWeak.

ShogiVar comes with its own built-in help menus for explaining the rules of the various variants, and diagrams on how the pieces move there. It saves some of its configuration settings in the file .shogivarrc in the current directory, and tries to load them from there on later runs.

ShogiVar was written in Visual Basic in 1998 by Steve Evans, who released it later under the GNU Public License. H.G. Muller ported the program in 2014 to Linux, after translating it to C, making use of code from the XBoard GTK front-end.


Steve Evans (original ShogiVar author).

H.G.Muller <> (GTK port).

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