squiral — square spirals screensaver


squiral [-display host:display.screen] [-foreground color] [-background color] [-window] [-root] [-mono] [-install] [-noinstall] [-visual visual] [-fill percent] [-count number] [-delay usec] [-disorder fraction] [-handedness fraction] [-cycle] [-fps]


The squiral program displays interacting, spiral-producing automata


squiral accepts the following options:
Draw on a newly-created window. This is the default.
Draw on the root window.
If on a color display, pretend we're on a monochrome display.
Install a private colormap for the window.
-visual visual
Specify which visual to use. Legal values are the name of a visual class, or the id number (decimal or hex) of a specific visual.
-fill percent
Specify the percent (0-100) of the screen which must be filled before the screen is cleared. 60-80 percent are good values.
-count number
The number of squiralies. By default, the screen width divided by 32.
-delay usec
The wait between steps. The default is 1000.
-disorder fraction
The fraction of the time a squiraly will choose a new direction. The default is 0.005.
-handedness fraction
The fraction of the time a squiraly will choose to enter lefthanded mode. 0.0 means exclusively right-handed behavior, 0.5 (the default) is a balance between the two, and 1.0 is exclusively left-handed behaviour.
Display the current frame rate and CPU load.


to get the default host and display number.
to get the name of a resource file that overrides the global resources stored in the RESOURCE_MANAGER property.


None known


Jeff Epler <jepler@inetnebr.com>, 18-mar-1999