tetrinet-server — server program for tetrinet




tetrinet-server is a server program for tetrinet-client(6), a networked version of tetris. You can use it to server both a TetriFast and an original server for up to 6 people to connect and play. It doesn't support any fancy features like different channels, but still includes support for configureable cookie mode and a small winlist.


tetrinet-server doesn't take any options at all. It reads all its settings from ~/.tetrinet on startup and creates a default file if there isn't one already there.


This is a short explenation of the configurationfile ~/.tetrinet together with its default entries. It is written after every game or when the server quits. If it is not there it will be created automatically.

winlist Alcan;0;3;1 AndrewK;0;2;1
This is the winlist the server keeps. Each parameter consists of four semicolon-seperated fields: Name;Team;Points;GamesTeam is a flag which is either 1 if the entry is for a team or 0 if the entry is for a player. Points is just the number of points for the entry, and Games is the number of games the entry has participated.

classic 1
Sets classic mode for the game - that means, no cookies.

initiallevel 1
Sets the level in which the game will start.

linesperlevel 2
Defines how many lines will issue a level increase.

levelinc 1
How many levels are increased per linesperlevel removed lines.

averagelevels 1
The levels of all player get averaged if this is set to 1.

speciallines 1
How many lines must be removed to get specials.

specialcount 1
The number of specials that are added each time speciallines' lines are removed.

specialcapacity 18
This number tells you how many specials you can hold.

pieces 14 14 15 14 14 14 15
Sets the likeliness of the different pieces. Must sum up to 100. The order is: bar (dark blue), square (yellow), reverse-L (green), L (purple), Z (red), S (light blue), and T (yellow).

specials 18 18 3 12 0 16 3 12 18
Sets the likeliness of the different specials. Must sum up to 100. The order is: A, C, N, R, S, B, G, Q, O.

linuxmode 0
This setting selects whether the client should try to remain compatible with Windows clients. This only affects the winlist display; if linuxmode is set to 1, the server will send the number of games played by each player as well as points won. This is set to zero by default.

ipv6_only 0
Listen on ipv6 only.


The configuration file for tetrinet-server.


This manual page was written by Rhonda D'Vine <rhonda@deb.at>.