trek — trekkie game


[[-a ] file ]


is a game of space glory and war. Below is a summary of commands. For complete documentation, see Trek by Eric Allman.

If a filename is given, a log of the game is written onto that file. If the -a flag is given before the filename, that file is appended to, not truncated.

The game will ask you what length game you would like. Valid responses are ``short'' ``medium'' and ``long'' You may also type ``restart'' which restarts a previously saved game. You will then be prompted for the skill, to which you must respond ``novice'' ``fair'' ``good'' ``expert'' ``commodore'' or ``impossible'' You should normally start out with a novice and work up.

In general, throughout the game, if you forget what is appropriate the game will tell you what it expects if you just type in a question mark.


An Eric Allman

Command summary

ca pture
cl oak
u p/ d own
c omputer request; ...
da mages
do ck
i mpulse course distance
l rscan
m ove course distance
p hasers a utomatic
p hasers m anual
amt1 course1 spread1 ...
t orpedo course
[y es ] angle/ n o
ram course distance
r est time
sh ields
u p/ d own
s rscan
[y es/ n o ]
st atus
terminate y es/ n o
u ndock
v isual course
w arp warp_factor