vavoom — The most advanced Doom/Heretic/Hexen/Strife source port around!


vavoom [ -opengl ] [ -d3d ] [ -particles n ] [ -surfcachesize n ] [ -nosound ] [ -no3dsound ] [ -nomusic ] [ -cddev file ] [ -openal ] [ -nomouse ] [ -nojoy ] [ -nolan ] [ -noudp ] [ -ip ip_addr ] [ -noipx ] [ -mpath ] [ -port n ] { [ -freedoom] | [ -doom ] | [ -doom2 ] | [ -tnt ] | [ -plutonia ] | [ -heretic ] | [ -hexen ] | [ -strife ] } [ -game directory ] [ -devgame directory ] [ -devsnd sndinfo_script ] [ -progs directory ]


Vavoom is a source port based on sources of Doom, Heretic, Hexen and a little bit from Quake. Supported platforms are Windows and Linux. Vavoom has a graphical launcher (vlaunch).

Graphic options

selects OpenGL driver
selects Direct3D driver
-particles <count>
specifies number of particles to use, default is 2048, but you can't have less than 512 (i.e. you can't disable them)
-surfcachesize <size>
specifies size of surface cache memory, in kilobytes

Sound options

disables all sound, music and CD-Audio
disables sound
disables 3D sound, use original mode, Windows version only
disables music
disables CD music
-cddev <file>
specifies CD device file, default /dev/cdrom, LINUX version only
enabled OpenAL driver.

Input options

-nomouse disables mouse
disables joystick

Network options

-nolan disables all LAN drivers
disables TCP/IP driver
-ip <address>
specifies IP address, Windows version only
disables IPX driver
enables MPATH TCP/IP driver, DOS version only
-port <port>
sets default LAN port

Game selection

-freedoom look only for FreeDoom IWAD files
look only for Doom IWAD files
look only for Doom 2: Hell On Earth IWAD files
look only for Doom TNT: Evilution IWAD files
look only for Doom: The Plutionia Experiment IWAD files
look only for Heretic IWAD files
look only for Hexen IWAD files
look only for Strife IWAD files

Custom games and development

-game <directory> specifies custom game.
-devgame <directory>
like -game, but also sets Vavoom in development mode.
-devsound <SNDINFO_script>
sets sound development mode, uses given SNDINFO script, sounds and music are loaded form archive directory, which is specified in script.
-progs <directory>
specifies directory where to look for progs. Server progs are loaded from file svprogs.dat, client progs - clprogs.dat. Path must include ending slash.
    Example: -progs progs/myprogs/
-file <file1>[<file2>...]
specifies additional files.
-iwaddir <dir1>[<dir2>...]
specifies additional directories where to look for IWAD files.

Debugging options

-debug creates a debug file basev/debug.txt with all console messages.
-starttime <time>
sets start time, not in LINUX version and dedicated servers
prints debugfile to stderr, in DOS version Sys_Error exits with call frame traceback

More information


Doom is a registered trademark of id software (


See the copyright file on /usr/share/doc/vavoom/copyright