wtf — translates acronyms for you


[-f dbfile ] [-t type ] [is ] acronym ...


The utility displays the expansion of the acronyms specified on the command line. If the acronym is unknown, will check to see if the acronym is known by the whatis(1) command.

If ``is'' is specified on the command line, it will be ignored, allowing the fairly natural ``wtf is WTF'' usage.

The following options are available:

-f dbfile
Overrides the default acronym database, bypassing the value of the ACRONYMDB variable.
-t type
Specifies the acronym's type. Simply put, it makes the program use the acronyms database named /usr/share/games/bsdgames/acronyms.type where type is given by the argument.


The default acronym database may be overridden by setting the environment variable ACRONYMDB to the name of a file in the proper format (acronym[tab]meaning).


default acronym database.
computer-related acronym database.


first appeared in Nx 1.5 .