xevil — An evil game


xevil [argument-list]


XEvil is a 3rd person, side-view, fast-action, kill-them-before-they-kill-you game. Fight against either computer-controlled enemies, or another player.

You sinned in life. And now you must pay. Satan pits the recently deceased against each other to fight for rank in Hell. Your skill determines your fate for all eternity. This contest is known as XEvil.

Security and stability

xevil is not stable. You can play for hours, but it may occasionally crash. Networking is especially quircky. Upstream is no longer maintaining xevil. Email sent to satan@xevil.com goes unanswered. Xevil likely has security holes. I recommend being wary in regards to playing xevil with strangers. Patches for the Debian version are welcome.

More info

Type xevil -help at the command line for a list of common options. For more options and complete instructions, visit http://www.xevil.com/docs/instructions.html, or, on a debian system, /usr/share/doc/xevil/instructions/instructions.html.

Game author

Steve Hardt

Man page author

Brandon Barnes