xgalaga — X11 version of the famous Galaga game


xgalaga [options]

xgalaga-hyperspace [options]


It's Galaga, you know how to play Galaga, stop bothering me. (Ship follows the mouse, button fires. Auto-fire by holding it down, so no-one accuses me of breaking their mouse!)

The xgalaga-hyperspace version features some new weapons and different gameplay.


Prints out the high score file and exits
-display host:dpy
Set your display
Use mouse control (same as 'm').
Use keyboard control (same as 'k'). If you have a joystick it can also be used if you select keyboard control.
Turn sound OFF
-level lvl
Choose starting level (>= 1)
Run in a window, not full screen. Full screen is the default.
-winsize widthxheight
Set window size.
Turn buffered mode off, use this if it runs too slowly. Will cause flicker, maybe lots, maybe only a little.

Keyboard commands

p - pauses
q - end this game
Q - end xgalaga immediately
b - Toggle buffering (flicker vs. speed.)
m - Use mouse control. Note that you may switch in mid-game.
k - Use keyboard control
s - Toggle sound
x - use your shields (xgalaga-hyperspace only)
alt-enter - Toggle full screen node.


Joe Rumsey, <joe@rumsey.org> (Original author)

Vincent Renardias <vincent@waw.com> (man page)