xmame — THE Arcade game machine emulator for UNIX/X


xmame.{x11,svga,xgl,sdl} [options] [rom]


xmame is the (M)ulti (A)rcade (M)achine (E)mulator for Unix. It emulates the hardware of many classic arcade game machines.

MAME is an arcade machine emulator. Started in 1997 by Nicola Salmoria, MAME started out as a series of emulators for individual games. This series of emulators was combined into a single multi-game emulator. This is the current form of MAME; no longer a one-man show, there are over 100 contributors to the project.


Internal verification list commands (only for developers)

-ldc, -listdupcrc
Like -list, but lists ROMs with identical CRC.
-lwo, -listwrongorientation
Like -list, but lists any games which use the orientation flags wrongly.
-lwm, -listwrongmerge
Like -list, but lists any games which use the clone_of field wrongly.
-lwf, -listwrongfps
Like -list, but lists any games which use the FPS field wrongly.
-srtn, -sortname
Sort ROMs by name.
-srtd, -sortdriver
Sort ROMs by driver name.

General options

-[no]lcf, -[no]loadconfig
Enable/disable loading of config files.
-sc, -showconfig
Display running parameters in rc style.
-mh, -manhelp
Print commandline help in man format, useful for manpage creation.
-V, -version
Display version.
-?, -help
Show help.



Config Files are parsed in the following order:
Global configuration config file
User configuration config file
Global per display method config file
User per display method config file
Global per game config file
User per game config file