yics — Yahoo! Chess client for use with FICS interfaces


yics [ -l logfile ]


YICS connects to the free Yahoo! Chess lobbies and emulates a FICS server. It can be used with most FICS interfaces (xboard(6), for example) to play on Yahoo! Chess.


YICS currently accepts only one option:
-l logfile
Saves a connection log (excluding login information) to logfile, which can be attached to a bug report if requested by the author.

Command reference

A reference of commands, and other useful documentation, may be found on the YICS wiki: <http://wiki.yics.org>.

Yics as a helper program

YICS was designed to be used as a helper program with FICS interfaces. With xboard the use is fairly straightforward:

 xboard -ics -icshost Yahoo -icshelper yics

Note that the parameter to -icshost has no effect, aside from setting the xboard title. eboard is a little tricky, but can be done:

 ln -s $(which yics) timeseal.$(uname -s) ; eboard

Choose "Peer > Connect to FICS" in eboard to connect.


YICS was written by Chris Howie <chris@yics.org>.

This manual page was written by Chris Howie <cdhowie@nerdshack.com>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).