zoom — Z-Code interpreter


zoom [options] <game file> [<save file>]


zoom is a player for Z-Code stories or games. It supports all version of the Z-Machine, including version 6 with graphical resources (converted to Blorb format).


zoom accepts the following options:
-D, --debugmode
Enable source-level debugger (requires gameinfo.dbg).
-w, --warnings
Display interpreter warnings.
-W, --fatal
Make warnings fatal.
-?, --help
Briefly describe the command-line options.
Print the synopsis.
-V, --version
Print the program version.


/usr/share/zoom/zoomrc, ~/.zoomrc
Default options (fonts, default size, colours...).


zoom was written by Andrew Hunter.

This manual page was written by Stephen Kitt <skitt@debian.org>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). It was last modified for zoom version 1.1.5.