mlx4dv — Direct verbs for mlx4 devices
This is low level access to mlx4 devices to perform data path operations, without general branching performed by ibv_post_send(3).


The libibverbs API is an abstract one. It is agnostic to any underlying provider specific implementation. While this abstraction has the advantage of user applications portability it has a performance penalty. For some applications optimizing performance is more important than portability.

The mlx4 direct verbs API is intended for such applications. It exposes mlx4 specific low level data path (send/receive/completion) operations, allowing the application to bypass the libibverbs data path API.

This interface consists from one hardware specific header file with relevant inline functions and conversion logic from ibverbs structures to mlx4 specific structures.

The direct include of mlx4dv.h together with linkage to mlx4 library will allow usage of this new interface.

Once an application uses the direct flow the locking scheme is fully managed by itself. There is an expectation that no mixed flows in the data path for both direct/non-direct access will be by same application.


See Also

ibv_post_send(3), verbs(7)


Maor Gottlieb <>

Referenced By

mlx4dv_init_obj(3), mlx4dv_query_device(3).

2017-04-19 1.0.0