fsck.xfs — do nothing, successfully


fsck.xfs [ filesys ... ]


fsck.xfs is called by the generic Linux fsck(8) program at startup to check and repair an XFS filesystem. XFS is a journaling filesystem and performs recovery at mount(8) time if necessary, so fsck.xfs simply exits with a zero exit status.

If you wish to check the consistency of an XFS filesystem, or repair a damaged or corrupt XFS filesystem, see xfs_repair(8).

However, the system administrator can force fsck.xfs to run xfs_repair(8) at boot time by creating a /forcefsck file or booting the system with "fsck.mode=force" on the kernel command line.



See Also

fsck(8), fstab(5), xfs(5), xfs_repair(8).

Referenced By

fsck(8), systemd-fsck@.service(8).