ip-maddress — multicast addresses management


ip [ OPTIONS ] maddress { COMMAND | help }

ip maddress [ add | del ] MULTIADDR dev NAME

ip maddress show [ dev NAME ]


maddress objects are multicast addresses.

ip maddress show - list multicast addresses

dev NAME (default)

the device name.

ip maddress add - add a multicast address
ip maddress delete - delete a multicast address

These commands attach/detach a static link-layer multicast address to listen on the interface. Note that it is impossible to join protocol multicast groups statically. This command only manages link-layer addresses.

address LLADDRESS (default)

the link-layer multicast address.

dev NAME

the device to join/leave this multicast address.

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Original Manpage by Michail Litvak <mci@owl.openwall.com>

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