seunshare — Run cmd with alternate homedir, tmpdir and/or SELinux context


seunshare [ -v ] [ -C ] [ -k ] [ -t tmpdir ] [ -h homedir ] [ -Z context ] -- executable [args]


Run the executable within the specified context, using the alternate home directory and /tmp directory.  The seunshare command unshares from the default namespace, then mounts the specified homedir and tmpdir over the default homedir and /tmp. Finally it tells the kernel to execute the application under the specified SELinux context.

-h homedir

Alternate homedir to be used by the application.  Homedir must be owned by the user.

-t tmpdir

Use alternate temporary directory to mount on /tmp.  tmpdir must be owned by the user.

-C --capabilities

Allow apps executed within the namespace to use capabilities.  Default is no capabilities.

-k --kill

Kill all processes with matching MCS level.

-Z context

Use alternate SELinux context while running the executable.


Verbose output

See Also

runcon(1), sandbox(8), selinux(8)


This manual page was written by Dan Walsh <> and Thomas Liu <>

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May 2010