systemd-getty-generator — Generator for enabling getty instances on the console




systemd-getty-generator is a generator that automatically instantiates serial-getty@.service on the kernel console(s), if they can function as ttys and are not provided by the virtual console subsystem. It will also instantiate serial-getty@.service instances for virtualizer consoles, if execution in a virtualized environment is detected. If execution in a container environment is detected, it will instead enable console-getty.service for /dev/console, and container-getty@.service instances for additional container pseudo TTYs as requested by the container manager (see Container Interface[1]). This should ensure that the user is shown a login prompt at the right place, regardless of which environment the system is started in. For example, it is sufficient to redirect the kernel console with a kernel command line argument such as console= to get both kernel messages and a getty prompt on a serial TTY. See kernel-parameters.txt[2] for more information on the console= kernel parameter.

systemd-getty-generator implements systemd.generator(7).

Further information about configuration of gettys can be found in systemd for Administrators, Part XVI: Gettys on Serial Consoles (and Elsewhere)[3].

See Also

systemd(1), agetty(8)


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Referenced By

systemd.directives(7), systemd.generator(7), systemd.index(7).

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