mpls — mpls manipulation module


tc ... action mpls { POP | PUSH | MODIFY | dec_ttl } [ CONTROL ]

POP := pop protocol MPLS_PROTO

PUSH := push [ protocol MPLS_PROTO ] [ tc MPLS_TC ] [ ttl MPLS_TTL ] [ bos MPLS_BOS ] label MPLS_LABEL

MODIFY := modify [ label MPLS_LABEL ] [ tc MPLS_TC ] [ ttl MPLS_TTL ]

CONTROL := { reclassify | pipe | drop | continue | pass | goto chain CHAIN_INDEX }


The mpls action performs mpls encapsulation or decapsulation on a packet, reflected by the operation modes POP, PUSH, MODIFY and DEC_TTL. The POP mode requires the ethertype of the header that follows the MPLS header (e.g. IPv4 or another MPLS). It will remove the outer MPLS header and replace the ethertype in the MAC header with that passed. The PUSH and MODIFY modes update the current MPLS header information or add a new header. PUSH requires at least an MPLS_LABEL. DEC_TTL requires no arguments and simply subtracts 1 from the MPLS header TTL field.



Decapsulation mode. Requires the protocol of the next header.


Encapsulation mode. Requires at least the label option.


Replace mode. Existing MPLS tag is replaced. label, tc, and ttl are all optional.


Decrement the TTL field on the outer most MPLS header.


Specify the MPLS LABEL for the outer MPLS header. MPLS_LABEL is an unsigned 20bit integer, the format is detected automatically (e.g. prefix with '0x' for hexadecimal interpretation, etc.).

protocol MPLS_PROTO

Choose the protocol to use. For push actions this must be mpls_uc or mpls_mc (mpls_uc is the default). For pop actions it should be the protocol of the next header. This option cannot be used with modify.


Choose the TC value for the outer MPLS header. Decimal number in range of 0-7. Defaults to 0.


Choose the TTL value for the outer MPLS header. Number in range of 0-255. A non-zero default value will be selected if this is not explicitly set.


Manually configure the bottom of stack bit for an MPLS header push. The default is for TC to automatically set (or unset) the bit based on the next header of the packet.


How to continue after executing this action.


Restarts classification by jumping back to the first filter attached to this action's parent.


Continue with the next action, this is the default.


Packet will be dropped without running further actions.


Continue classification with next filter in line.


Return to calling qdisc for packet processing. This ends the classification process.


The following example encapsulates incoming IP packets on eth0 into MPLS with a label 123 and sends them out eth1:

#tc qdisc add dev eth0 handle ffff: ingress
#tc filter add dev eth0 protocol ip parent ffff: flower \
	action mpls push protocol mpls_uc label 123  \
	action mirred egress redirect dev eth1

In this example, incoming MPLS unicast packets on eth0 are decapsulated and to ip packets and output to eth1:

#tc qdisc add dev eth0 handle ffff: ingress
#tc filter add dev eth0 protocol mpls_uc parent ffff: flower \
	action mpls pop protocol ipv4  \
	action mirred egress redirect dev eth0

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