yum-cron — an interface to conveniently call yum from cron


yum-cron [config-file]


yum-cron is an alternate interface to yum that is optimised to be convenient to call from cron.  It provides methods to keep repository metadata up to date, and to check for, download, and apply updates.  Rather than accepting many different command line arguments, the different functions of yum-cron can be accessed through config files.

config-file is used to optionally specify the path to the configuration file to use.  If it is not given, the default configuration file will be used.  It is useful to be able to specify different configuration files for different use cases.  For example, one configuration file might be set to update the repository metadata, and a line could be added to the crontab to run yum-cron frequently using this file.  Then, another configuration file might be set to install updates, and yum-cron could be run from cron using this file just once each day.



See Also

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See the Authors file included with this program.


There of course aren't any bugs, but if you find any, you should email
the mailing list, yum@lists.baseurl.org, or consult bugzilla.


Nick Jacek