ippevepcl/ps — pcl and postscript print commands for ippeveprinter


ippevepcl [ filename ]
ippeveps [ filename ]


ippevepcl and ippeveps are print commands for ippeveprinter(1). As with all print commands, these commands read either the filename specified on the command-line or from the standard input. Output is sent to the standard output. Status and progress messages are sent to the standard error.

ippevepcl prints to B&W HP PCL laser printers and supports printing of HP PCL (application/vnd.hp-pcl), PWG Raster (image/pwg-raster), and Apple Raster (image/urf) print files.

ippeveps print to Adobe PostScript printers and supports printing of PDF (application/pdf), PostScript (application/postscript), JPEG (image/jpeg), PWG Raster (image/pwg-raster), and Apple Raster (image/urf) print files. Printer-specific commands are read from a supplied PPD file. If no PPD file is specified, generic commands suitable for any Level 2 or Level 3 PostScript printer are used instead to specify duplex printing and media size.

Exit Status

These programs return 1 on error and 0 on success.


These program inherit the environment provided by the ippeveprinter program.

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The man page ippeveps(7) is an alias of ippevepcl(7).

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